Dr. Temitope Ilori Addresses Public Health Stakeholders at CDC-Nigeria Biannual Meeting

Dr. Temitope Ilori Speaks to Public Health Experts at CDC-Nigeria Biannual Meeting Dr. Temitope Ilori, the Director General of the National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA), shared valuable insights and strategies at the recent Center for Disease Control (CDC) Nigeria Biannual Stakeholders Meeting. This important gathering brought together national, state, and implementing partners to discuss ways to improve public health initiatives through science-based approaches and strengthening state-led programs.

Dr. Ilori’s participation highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing health issues, especially in the fight against HIV/AIDS. NACA’s leadership in this effort was emphasized at the meeting.

During her speech, Dr. Ilori emphasized the importance of leveraging scientific advancements and evidence-based practices to guide public health interventions effectively. She highlighted the need for proactive measures in addressing the HIV/AIDS epidemic, stressing the role of strategic partnerships and community engagement in achieving sustainable progress.

The CDC-Nigeria Biannual Stakeholders Meeting served as a platform for stakeholders to exchange best practices, innovative solutions, and lessons learned in public health programming.

Dr. Ilori expressed optimism about the collective commitment demonstrated by stakeholders towards advancing public health in Nigeria. She urged continued collaboration, resource mobilization, and knowledge sharing to drive meaningful change and improve health outcomes for all Nigerians.