NACA Mandate

NACA Mandates

1. Plan and coordinate activities of the various sectors in the National Response Strategic Framework;

2. Facilitate the engagement of all tiers of government and all sectors on issues of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support;

3. Advocate for the mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS interventions into all sectors of the society;

4. Formulate policies and guidelines on HIV/AIDS;

5. Support HIV/AIDS research in the country;

6. Mobilize resources (local and foreign) and coordinate equitable application for HIV/AIDS activities;

7. Provide and coordinate linkages with the global community on HIV/AIDS;

8. Monitor and evaluate all HIV/AIDS activities in the country;

9. Facilitate the development and management of the policies and strategies of all sectors to ensure the human, financial and organizational resources to support the successful execution of the national HIV/AIDS response programme.

10. Establish, encourage and promote training programme for the employees of the Agency and other appropriate persons from public or private organizations;

11. Perform such functions as may, from time to time be assigned to it by the Government; and

12. Facilitate collaboration for the management of HIV and opportunistic infections.

Our Mission

To be a world-class research – driven agency that coordinates the multi-sectoral responses to HIV/AIDS and related emerging diseases in Nigeria.


Our Vision

To achieve zero new HIV infections, HIV-related discrimination and AIDS-related deaths; reduce inequalities, and support the control of related /emerging diseases in a sustainable manner by the year 2030.