NACA Mandate

NACA Mandates

1. Plan and coordinate activities of the various sectors in the National Response Strategic Framework;

2. Facilitate the engagement of all tiers of government and all sectors on issues of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support;

3. Advocate for the mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS interventions into all sectors of the society;

4. Formulate policies and guidelines on HIV/AIDS;

5. Support HIV/AIDS research in the country;

6. Mobilize resources (local and foreign) and coordinate equitable application for HIV/AIDS activities;

7. Provide and coordinate linkages with the global community on HIV/AIDS;

8. Monitor and evaluate all HIV/AIDS activities in the country;

9. Facilitate the development and management of the policies and strategies of all sectors to ensure the human, financial and organizational resources to support the successful execution of the national HIV/AIDS response programme.

10. Establish, encourage and promote training programme for the employees of the Agency and other appropriate persons from public or private organizations;

11. Perform such functions as may, from time to time be assigned to it by the Government; and

12. Facilitate collaboration for the management of HIV and opportunistic infections.

Our Mission

To provide an enabling policy environment and stable ongoing facilitation of proactive multi sectoral planning, coordinated implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all HIV/AIDS prevention and impact mitigation activities in Nigeria

Our Vision

To make Nigeria, a nation of people with functional knowledge of HIV/AIDS who provide care and support to individuals, families and communities confronted with the epidemic and the Agency solely authorized to facilitate all stakeholder HIV/AIDS activities in the country