Nigeria Key Populations Health and Rights Network (the ‘Key Populations Secretariat’)

Call for Nominations
Interim National Steering Committee

  1.      Introduction

    The Nigeria Key
    Populations Health and Rights Network (NKPHRN), also know as the Key
    Populations Secretariat, has embarked on a process of institutional
    strengthening and renewal.  The expected
    result is a vibrant, inclusive and transparent Network that continues to lead
    and coordinate on share priorities for key populations in Nigeria.  This process is supported by the Network’s
    partners and allies, which include the Nigeria Country Coordination Mechanism
    (CCM), the National Agency for the Control of Malaria ,UNDP and UNAIDS
    representing the United Nations , the United States President’s Emergency Plan
    for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and
    Malaria, among others. 

    To guide the
    renewal process, an Institutional Strengthening and Renewal Plan has been
    developed that addresses opportunities for change and renewal for the Network,
    including leadership and governance, membership, state-level coordination, and
    operations.  The plan also includes the
    development of a revised Constitution, revisions to the membership criteria and
    membership processes, strengthening of state level structures, and support for
    a process of leadership transition
    This last component includes the establishment of an Interim Steering
    to replace the current Core Group.  The Committee will oversee the implementation
    of the Institutional Strengthening and Renewal Plan as well as to continue to
    guide the Network while the important changes to its structure and processes
    are undertaken.  The mandate of the
    Committee will end after six months when a new National Steering Committee is
    elected according to the new Constitution.

    2.     Role of the Interim National Steering Committee

    The Committee
    will be in place from December 2022 to June 2023.  During this time, the Committee will
    undertake the following:

    To provide a coordinated
    leadership platform for key population constituencies in Nigeria on an interim
    basis while the NKPHRN completes the institutional strengthening process.

    To guide and monitor the
    implementation of the Institutional Strengthening and Renewal Plan according to
    the indicators and milestones it contains. 

    To guide the development of a
    revised Constitution for the Network on behalf of key population constituencies
    in Nigeria.

    To continue to ensure that the
    voices of key populations, in all their diversity, are present and heard in key
    national and state level processes throughout the interim period.

    To establish and maintain
    timely and effective mechanisms for two-way communications (from the Committee
    to networks and constituencies, and from the networks to the Committee)
    throughout the process of change and renewal.

    To support the planning and
    coordination of the first annual meeting of the renewed NKPHRN to take place no
    later than six months from the time that the Interim Steering Committee is

    To guide the planning and
    implementation of the election process for the new National Steering Committee
    as defined in the revised Constitution.

    3.     Composition of the Interim National Steering Committee

    The Committee
    will be made up of twelve (12) members, three (3) each from the following key
    population typologies:  gay, bisexual and
    other men having sex with men; transgender persons; sex workers; and people who
    use or inject drugs.  The members will
    also reflect ‘diversity within diversity’ across the main typologies (KPs
    living with HIV, KPs living with disabilities, etc.).

    At its first
    meeting, members of the Committee will select from amongst themselves a
    Chairperson and three Co-Chairs.  The
    selection of Chairperson and Co-Chairs will reflect the four typologies
    represented on the Committee. 

    4.     Roles and Responsibilities of Committee Members

     The role and responsibilities of Committee
    members will be:

     To advocate for and represent the collective,
    national interest of all key populations typologies during the process of
    strengthening and renewal for the NKPHRN;

    §  To serve the national interest of key populations in Nigeria and not
    to use their position on the Interim National Steering Committee to advance their
    personal interests or the position of their respective networks;

    §  To actively contribute to the mandate of the Committee and the
    processes of institutional strengthening and renewal;

    §  To ensure two-way communication between the work of the Committee
    and the networks and broader constituencies of key populations that the members

    5.     Term of Office

    Individuals will
    serve on the Interim National Steering Committee for a maximum of six months until
    the new National Steering Committee is elected.

    6.     Qualifications and Eligibility Criteria

    Individuals who
    are nominated to the Interim National Steering Committee should have some or
    all of the following qualifications or experience:

    §  A track record of advocacy and engagement at the national level on
    key populations priorities in Nigeria;

    §  Experience managing or leading key-population-led networks or
    organisations at the regional or national level;

    §  Knowledge and experience with organisational structures at the
    governance and operations level (develop constitutions, governance manuals,
    strategic or operational plans, for example);

    §  Strong individual technical capacities aligned to the priorities
    for  institutional strengthening and

    §  Strong skills in communications, consultation, and

    §  Comprehensive knowledge of issues and priorities for key populations
    in Nigeria.

    Members of the
    current Core Group of the KP Secretariat are not eligible to be

    Interim National
    Steering Committee will not be eligible for election to the first new
    National Steering Committee.  They may,
    however, stand in a subsequent election.

    7.      Selection and Appointment Process

    interested to be a member of the Interim National Steering Committee should be
    nominated by their networks, organisations or constituencies.  Individuals may nominate themselves provided
    that meeting the above qualifications and experience.

    interested to be nominated must submit 1) a short letter of motivation, 2) a
    detailed curriculum vitae.  A letter of
    support from a relevant network or constituency is highly recommended but not

    All nominations
    will be reviewed by the Functional Review Working Group with the support of the
    two independent consultants that have prepared the Institutional Strengthening
    and Renewal Plan. 

    The Functional
    Review Working Group will propose a slate of candidates for endorsement at the
    Third Engagement Workshop for the Institutional Strengthening and Renewal of
    the KP Secretariat to be convened December 7-9 in Lagos.   

    Nominations should be submitted to [email protected]  by 17h00 Abuja time on Friday, December 2,
    submissions will not be considered.

    For further information, please contact Russell
    Armstong ([email protected]), George Elowa ([email protected]) or Ibrahim Tajudeen Olaita ([email protected]).

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