NACA Calls for an HIV-Free Generation on Children’s Day

The National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) is urging Nigerians to work towards a future where no child is born with HIV.

Dr. Temitope Ilori, NACA’s Director-General, highlighted the importance of Children’s Day, which falls on May 27th each year.  She emphasized  children’s value and the responsibility we all share to ensure their health and happiness.

Dr. Ilori addressed a critical health concern: the transmission of HIV from mothers to their children.  NACA is dedicated to achieving the goal of zero mother-to-child transmission.

“We can prevent HIV in children,” Dr. Ilori said. “By strengthening programs that prevent mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT), we can ensure every child has the chance to grow up healthy.”

While Nigeria has made progress in reducing mother-to-child transmission, Dr. Ilori acknowledged there’s more work to be done. NACA works to ensure all pregnant women living with HIV receive proper care to prevent transmission to their babies.

“Our goal is clear: to eliminate mother-to-child transmission entirely,” Dr. Ilori stated. “This requires collaboration between government agencies, healthcare providers, and communities. By providing medication to pregnant women with HIV, promoting safe delivery practices, and supporting appropriate breastfeeding, we can protect our children from HIV.”