Ref. No.: NACA/PRO/271/PM

Date of Issuance: 7th May, 2024



The National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) is statutorily responsible for the coordination of the National HIV response. The Agency has received funding from the Global Fund for the Year 2024-2026 for HIV related interventions. The Agency now intends to update  it’s vendor database for efficient and effective procurement processes in line with the NACA procurement policy. To achieve the set objectives, the Agency wishes to apply these funds in the implementation of its projects through procurement of various Goods and Services. Accordingly, and in compliance with international best practices, the Agency hereby invites interested and qualified Contractors/Service Providers to express interest in the procurement of the following Goods and Services:


Lot No

Service required

Description of Service


Supply of IT,  Office Equipment, Software and Application

To supply computers, printers, scanners, photocopiers,  Software Applications and other IT equipment.


Supply and Installation of Office Furniture and fittings

To supply Office chairs, tables and other office furniture and fittings.


Supply of Office Stationery Items

To supply stationeries and office consumables requirements for grant activities


Supply of printer inks, toners

To supply printer inks, toners, and cartridges


Production of Printed Security and Non Security Materials

Forms, books, guidelines, brochure, leaflets, booklets, Engraving, Asset Tagging etc


Servicing of Motor Vehicles


To carry out routine inspection, maintenance, and repair of project vehicles


Provision of Catering Services

Provide tea break (varieties), Lunch (varieties) & eating utensils for grant activities at designated venues across the country


Air condition Repair and Maintenance

To carry out minor and major repairs and maintenance of air conditioning system


Repair of Generators

To carry out minor and major repairs and routine maintenance of Generators

LOT 10

Servicing of Agency’s IT Equipment

To carry out minor and major repairs on printers, scanners, copiers, or any other IT-related equipment (inclusive of Computers, Printers, Scanners, and Photocopiers, etc) as requested.

Lot 11

Provision of Internet services

Airtime, Data Plan

Lot 12

Supply of Medical and Laboratory Equipments

Supply of Medical and Laboratory Equipments, Provision of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer Representatives )

Lot 13

Supply of Pharmaceuticals Items

Medicines and other pharmaceutical products

Lot 14

Provison of insurance services

Vehicle Insurance and All Risk property Insurance

Lot 15

Travel Agent services

Booking of flight (Local and International)

Lot 16

Servicing and Repairs  of IT Equipment

Repairs of Laptops, Computers, Photocopiers et al

Lot 17

Repairs of Office Furnitures

Repairs of Office furnitures

Lot 18

Engagement of media Organization

Airing of Jungles on RFadio and Television



The comprehensive scope of services, as it relates to the services listed above as well as specification and quantifications concerning items of supplies, shall be provided in the Request for Proposal (RFP) and Tender document respectively to the Firms that will be Successfully Shortlisted in the Agency’s Database. The outcome of this exercise will lead to a creation of a new vendor database for the Agency.



The general public may wish to be guided that all procurement activities of the Agency shall be fully governed by the approved Global Fund Procurement Guidelines in public procurement whereby the following mandatory requirement/ eligibility criteria are expected to be met by all prospective bidders:


  1. Evidence of Certificate of Incorporation with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with the inclusion of Articles of Association (forms CAC2 and CAC7);
  2. Evidence of Company’s Income Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three (3) years ( 2020, 2021 & 2022) valid till 31st December 2023;
  3. Evidence of current Pension Compliance Certificate valid till 31st December 2023;
  4. Evidence of current Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Compliance Certificate valid till 31st December 2023;
  5. Evidence of current Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) Compliance Certificate valid till 31st December 2023;
  6. Copy of Audited Company Accounts for the immediate past three years (2020, 2021 & 2022) duly stamped and signed by certified Auditor;
  7. Bank Reference letter or Letter of good-standing from bank (Within the period of the Advert)
  8. Sworn Affidavit disclosing whether or not any officer of NACA or Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) is a former or present Director, Shareholder or has any pecuniary interest in the bidder and to confirm that all information presented in its bids are true and correct in all particulars and;
  • that the company is not in receivership or any form of insolvency/bankruptcy, nor debarment and that the company nor any of the Director(s) of the company has been convicted of any financial crime;
  1. Company’s Profile and organizational structure with the full name of the organization and contact person, postal address, telephone/fax numbers, and e-mail addresses.
  2. Verifiable documentary evidence of at least three (3) similar jobs executed in the last Five (5) years including Letters of Awards and Job Completion Certificates;
  3. All documents for submission must be transmitted with a Covering/Forwarding letter under the Company/Firms Letter Head Paper bearing amongst others, the Registration Number (CAC), Contact Address, Telephone Number (Preferable GSM No.), and e-mail address. The Letterhead Paper must bear the Names and Nationalities of the Directors of the Company at the bottom of the page, duly signed by the authorized officer of the firm. It is very important to note that only the requested document are expected for vendors to submit.




Vendors are expected to provide quotations  for Tea Break, Lunch and provision of hall for less than 100person and 100 Persons to 150 Persons for out door event. Quotation should be in the state of interst and presence


  1. Evidence of partnership/distributorship/ dealership in Printer Inks and cartridges, toners from major manufacturers, and or in-country representatives of the manufacturers.


  1. Evidence of Valid  Manufacturer’s Authorization on products it intends to supply


  1. Evidence of skills in the planning and execution of preventive and corrective maintenance.
  2. Experience in maintaining Printers, Photocopiers, and Scanner Machines.


          Evidence of registration of premises with Pharmaceutical Council of Nigeria valid till December, 2023.


  1. Prospective bidders are to submit two (2) copies of their EOI/Prequalification documents for the Lots of their choice; One Original and One Duplicate in the same envelope addressed to The Director-General, National Agency for the Control of AIDS, No. 3 Zinguinchor Street, Beside AEDC Office, Wuse zone 4, Abuja. The sealed EOI document must be clearly marked: “EOI Catering Service” or “EOI Stationeries and Office Consumables” etc.


Closing Date of submission

Each marked envelope should bear the company name, and address of the bidder, Registered and dropped in the designated Tender Box after filling the bid register for the category of procurement at the Reception, Ground Floor. E-mail Address: [email protected], Tel: +234-9062929463 not later than 12:00 noon on  4th June, 2024.

For further inquiries or clarifications, please contact the Head of Procurement, National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) or  [email protected] on or before 12:00Noon 21st May 2024.


Please Note: Only the pre-qualified/shortlisted bidders will be contacted at a later date to participate in the second stage of the process.



  1. Bids must be in English Language and signed by an official authorised by the bidder;
  2. Bids submitted after the deadline for submission will be rejected;
  3. Bidders can express interest for any Lots with evidenced capacity to execute but not more than 2 lots; Please note this is a new processs and vendor already prequalified are to apply to be prequalified in the new data base.
  4. Bidders with more than two lots will be disqualified.
  5. Bidders with similar Directors in same lot will be disqualified.
  6. All bids without cover letter and signature will be disqualified
  7. All costs incurred by respondents as a result of this invitation and any subsequent requests for information shall be for the respondent’s account only;
  8. The National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) is not bound to pre-qualify any bidder and reserves the right to annul the Procurement process at any time without incurring any liabilities;
  9. Site visits/ samples of items to be supplied may be required.



  1. NACA shall verify any or all documents and claims made by applicants and will disqualify bidders with falsified documents and claims.
  2. If it is determined that submitted documents and claims have been falsified, the bidder may face prosecution in a court of law.
  • NACA shall not be held responsible for any disqualified proposal because of any omission or deletion relating to the submission guidelines.
  1. This advertisement and response to it shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of NACA to award a contract to any Contractor, nor shall it entitle any of the interested parties to any claims against NACA or the Global Fund.

Fraud and Corruption













Code of Conduct




Whistle-blowing and channel of reporting grievances and infractions.

The personnel of the Purchaser and the Suppliers shall adhere to the highest ethical standards, both during the selection process and throughout the execution of the contract. In pursuance of this principle, they shall abstain at all times from corruption or fraudulent practices. Corruption and fraudulent practices are defined as follows:


(i)      “corrupt practice” means the offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting, directly or indirectly, of anything of value to influence the action of an official in the selection process or in contract execution;

(ii)     “fraudulent practice” means a misrepresentation or omission of facts in order to influence a selection process or the execution of a contract;

(iii)         “collusive practices” means a scheme or arrangement between two or more suppliers with or without the knowledge of the Purchaser, designed to establish prices at artificial, noncompetitive levels;

(iv)         “coercive practice” means harming or threatening to harm, directly or indirectly, persons or their property to influence the procurement proceedings, or affect the execution of a Contract.

(v)          The Purchaser shall reject a proposal for award if it determines that the Supplier recommended for award has, directly or through an agent, engaged in corrupt, fraudulent, collusive or coercive practices in competing for the contract in question.


“The Global Fund Code of Conduct for Suppliers”

Suppliers are advised to get acquainted with the global fund code of conduct for suppliers via the link provided below:


Whistle-blowing Policy”

Suppliers are encouraged to send information on any infraction or grievances to the dedicated email account: [email protected]

 or [email protected]