Engagement of Warehousing Services

This advert is still running, the new closing date is on or before 12:00 noon 19th November, 2022.

Ref. No. NACA/PRO/1030/C-19GM/GF

Date of Issuance:30th August , 2022


The Global Fund for AIDS TB and Malaria project in the National Agency for the Control of AIDs (NACA) intends to use funds from the COVID 19 RM (C19 RM) grant


This invitation is to solicit for reputable vendors with relevant experience to provide warehousing services and solution (receipt, storage and dispatch of commodities) for NACA commodities (health & non-health) that will be procured with the funds from the grant.

Duration12 Months. To be renewed based on performance.

Location FCT

1.      General Eligibility Criteria


  • Evidence of Certificate of Incorporation with the Corporate Affairs 
  • Commission (CAC) including Form CAC1.1 or CAC02 and CAC07.
  • Evidence of Company’s Income Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three (3) years (2019, 2020 and 2021) valid till 31st December, 2022. 
  • Sworn Affidavit addressed to NACA and within the period of the advert :
  • Certifying that the company is not in receivership, insolvency or bankruptcy. Stating that no officer of NACA or Bureau of Public Procurement is a
  • Director or Shareholder or has any pecuniary interest in the bidder.
  • Also, that none of the Directors of the Company has been convicted for a criminal offence in relation to fraud or financial impropriety in any court in Nigeria or elsewhere.
  • And that all information presented in the bid is true and correct in all particulars.
  • Company’s Audited Account for the last three (3) years (2019, 2020 and 2021)·
  • Company’s profile with the Curriculum Vitae of the Key Staff to be deployed for the service.,
  • The minimum validity period of the Tender should be One Hundred and Twenty (120) Days:

Signed Cover letter attached to the technical submission with the company’s letter head. Any submission with a cover letter will be disqualified:

 2. Technical Requirement for Storage for warehouse space in Abuja, FCT

·     Warehouse location and size of warehouse space 

·     Evidence of policy of storage of items (All stock shall be stored at least 10cm (pallet) off the floor, 30cm away from the walls and other stacks, and not more than 2.5m (8 feet) high. The arrangement should
allow for easy cleaning and movement of personnel.

·      Policy on Temperature control and provision of a backup power supply to maintain a temperature.

·      Policy on space maintenance with temperature and humidity monitoring system in place

·     Policy on ventilation intense light, extraneous odours and other indications of contamination

·     Pallet and rack systems with units in the state of cleanliness and repair,

·     Policy on health, Safety and accident prevention plan.

·     Policy on tracking of expiry dates of commodities. (FIRST-TO-EXPIRE, FIRST OUT (FEFO) procedure.

·   Policy on personnel training. (tools and machinery safety, fire safety, emergency preparedness, accident prevention).

·       Policy on Quarantine,  Removal of expired and damaged products immediately from usable stock and document in the appropriate forms.

·      Inventory management and control (Electronic and Manual) system.

·      Policy on Assurance of Security of warehoused products and items backed by Insurance policy Cover.


· Electric license (Bill)

· Waste disposal license

· Insurance

Policy to manage other warehousing ancillary services which include but are not limited to:

· Handling of warehoused products and issuing same to authorized organizations on behalf of the client

· Inventory management (notification of commodity receipt, receiving report, issue of commodity, monthly stock status report to the clients)

·  Invoicing of products

· Additional coding of products where necessary

· Key personnel; The offeror should demonstrate that professional staff with extensive experience is available to oversee and carry

out the scope of work.

· The technical submission should include CVs for the following required key personnel

· Warehouse Manager with minimum of Bachelors decree  with at least 7 years’ experience, Quality Assurance Specialist, Warehouse officers with minimum of Bachelors decree in sciences or relevant courses with at least  5 years experience (order processing officer/distribution

· The technical submission should also include organizational chart with key roles and staff.

Past performance- The technical submission should include information with evidence  on past performance for NGOs/Donor / Government Agency, briefly describing at least two recent and similar scope of work done in the last five years.

 Vendors to provide quotation of monthly cost per pellet for cold chain and Non Cold chain items in their financial proposal


The Request for Proposal (RFP) can be downloaded from this link;



Prospective consulting firms are to submit three (2) hard copies (one original & one copy) of the requested documents and financial bid. Thereafter, the Tenderer shall enclose the original in one (1) envelope and all the copies of the Tender in another envelope, duly marking the envelopes as “Engagement of Warehousing service” and “FINANCIAL.” The envelope shall then be enclosed and sealed in one (1) single outer envelope after registration using the NACA bid register.

· Prospective bidders can submit their documents as a Joint Venture with relevant documents provided in line with the requirements stated in the SBD.


The deadline for the submission of Tender should not be later than 12 noon of 13th  September , 2022. Clarification can be obtained at the Office of the Head of Procurement, Ground Floor, NACA main building, 3 Ziguinchor Street. Wuse Zone 4. Abuja. The bids will be opened immediately after close of submission.         


  • Bids must be in English Language and signed by an official authorized by the bidder;
  • Bids submitted after the deadline for submission would be rejected;
  • NACA reserves the right to evaluate and award per line item and in the event of exigency, NACA may vary the quantities/quality of the items during the time of evaluation, award and execution of contract with respect to this invitation to tender;

NACA is not bound to shortlist any Consultant, and reserves the right to annul the bidding process at any time without incurring any liabilities or providing reason.



Head Procurement

National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) 

Ground Floor Room 1.08

No. 3 Zinguinchor Street, Beside AEDC Office, Wuse zone 4, Abuja

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +234-9-4613726-9 Fax: +234



You shall get acquainted with the global fund code of conduct for
suppliers using this link below: 

Accepting this invitation shall serve as an acknowledgement and agreement to abide by the Global Fund Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

 14.   Notes/Disclaimer

· Late submissions will not be accepted.

· NACA shall verify any or all documents and claims made by applicants and will disqualify consultants
with falsified documents and claims.

· If it is determined that submitted documents and claims have been falsified, the consultant may face prosecution in a court of Law.

· NACA shall not be held responsible for any disqualified proposal as a result of any omission or deletion relating to the submission guidelines.

· This advertisement shall not be construed a contract to any Consultant, nor shall it entitle any Consultant submitting documents to claim any indemnity from NACA.

· NACA is not bound to shortlist any Consultant and reserves the right to annul the bidding process at any time without incurring any liabilities or providing a reason.



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