Global Fund RSSH Technical Specialist (Health Management Information Systems)


Job details
Job title: Technical Specialist (Health Management Information System) Supervisor:  Senior Technical Specialist (HMIS)
Duration of contract: 33 months Location: Abuja
Job summary
The Technical Specialist (HMIS) position is designed to support the timely implementation of all the project’s Health Management Information System (HMIS) strengthening objectives. S/he will support the overall attainment of project objectives. H/her primary focus will be on ensuring project Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platform and EMR-related operations are of topmost quality and effectiveness


Key responsibilities
1.      Provide technical input in the development of an integrated project plan in collaboration with the Senior Technical Specialist.

2.      Provide hands-on technical support to the Sub-Recipients (SR) supporting the HMIS strengthening module, ensuring highest level of project management skills are applied to the overall grant management results

3.      Support the implementation of the activities of the HMIS program of the RSSH grant.

4.      Support the SR to develop concept notes and guidance documents in relation to interventions and activities

5.      Lead SR to conduct periodic programme reviews and development of performance improvement plans

6.      Support capacity building for the corresponding HMIS strengthening sub-recipient (SR) staff and the state staff.

7.      Support the implementation of the project learning agenda for improved outputs and outcomes.

8.      Establish system for the flow of information from service-delivery points to the central data base and ensure timely technical support to all implementing health facilities.

9.      Document programmatic status and achievements and feedback to the Senior Technical Specialist on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

10.  Support the development of communication products including but not limited to success stories, fact sheets, technical briefs, abstracts and publications.

11.  Represent the project within the state and local HMIS stakeholders community.

12.  Work with stakeholders on the development and roll out of health informatics products.

13.  Participate in any other activities related to the above functions.

14.  Support and review the work of consultants working on project-supported health informatics deliverables including but not limited to strengthening of DHIS2, development of interoperability systems and user-friendly interactive data use products.

15.  Support the achievement of interoperability of multiple in-country electronic platforms.

16.  Support the design, development and execution of capacity transfer systems.

17.  Supervise sub-recipients on alignment of data collection, analysis, and results reporting to monitor performance and ensure timely compilation

18.  Support the data migration and reconstruction efforts.

19.  Support the roll-out of harmonized National Health Management Information System (NHMIS) tools and supportive processes to states and Local Government Areas (LGAs)

20.  Provide support to the senior technical specialist (HMIS) and Government of Nigeria (GON) in the strengthening of the national data quality assurance (DQA) policy and guidelines, provide expertize in the strengthening of DQA processes and tools and supervise periodic data quality audits.

21.  Build the capacity of staff in the design and implementation of a coordinated and effective monitoring and evaluation and learning system.

22.  Provide Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) data reports on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis to senior technical specialist (HMIS)

23.  Participate in any other activities related to the above functions.

1.      Bachelor’s Degree/HND. in computer science, information science, public health or any other degree with demonstrable expertise on the subject matter.

2.      Minimum of 5 years designing and deploying Electronic Information Management systems

3.      Experience with the national health management information system

4.      Solid experience on database platforms in-country including but not limited to EMR, DHIS2, NAVISION.

5.      Experience with development of mobile EMR applications

6.      Experience designing, developing, executing and or supporting interoperability between EMR and other platforms including DHIS2.

7.      Minimum of 5 year working with RDBMS in particular MySQL, knowledge of PostgreSQL is an added advantage

8.      Must have excellent knowledge of Java programing language and familiar with JavaFX, Open Web App (OWA) and other java libraries

9.      Ability to write at least 2 programming languages (Python, R or equivalent)

10.  Very good practical skills working with Tomcat and Apache web server

11.  Experience developing interactive data use products

12.  Ability to deploy and manage virtual machine

13.  Experience designing and executing capacity transfer schemes/exercises.

14.  Strong experience with Power BI or advanced excel, is an advantage.

15.  Very good hands-on experience working with Linux and Windows OS

16.  A solid understanding of M&E is a plus

17.  Ability to work with minimal supervision.

18.  Excellent organizational skills, great attention to detail

19.  Strong experience in the development of procedure manuals, SOPs and guidance documents

20.  Ability to work with minimal supervision.