Letter of Invitation

Dear Sir:

1. The National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) in collaboration with the HIV/AIDS Project under the Global Fund Grant invites proposals for consulting services for the following assignment: Consultant to Review Availability, Accessibility, Acceptability And Quality Of Comprehensive Care Services for Survivors of Violence who are KPS, PLHIV AGYW and Other HIV & TB Vulnerable Groups 

2. More details on the requested services are provided in the Terms of Reference in section A below

3. The National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) will make available the necessary documents and reports and other information concerning this assignment. You may obtain additional information at the following address:
National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) Ground Floor
No. 3 Zinguinchor Street, Beside AEDC Office, Wuse zone 4, Abuja

4. A candidate will be selected on the basis of comparison of QCBS.

5. The following forms are attached :

   (a)  Terms of Reference ;

   (b) Model of Curriculum Vitae ;

   (c) Model of Letter for submitting the Proposal ;

   (d) Form for Observations of the Consultant on the Terms of Reference ;

Yours sincerely,

Bage Dawuda

Head Procurement

For Director General






 A fundamental principle of the United Nations Charter adopted by world leaders in 1945 is “equal rights of men and women”, and protecting and promoting human rights is the responsibility of all States. An innovative and efficient means for comprehensively addressing the identified gender, human rights and structural barriers to the protection of the rights of all Nigerians as it pertains to the HIV and AIDS response, is the establishment and strengthening of a multi-sectorial Gender and Human Rights State Response Team (GHR-SRT) in each of the States of the Federation. The aim is to expand the gains already established at the national level and provide a platform for multi stakeholders’ coordination of the response team at the State level. Beginning from 2017 till date, NACA with supports from partners established a Gender and Human Rights State Response Team (GHR-SRT) in 16 States with a developed TOR. The role of the GHR-SRT was to comprehensively address gender and human rights issues in HIV response, particularly among key and vulnerable populations as underpinned by a gap in knowledge and readily available technical assistance on human rights, law, stigma and discrimination in the context of HIV. It has representatives from the National and States’ MDAs from Ministry of Justice, MWASD, Legal Aid Council, SACA, MOH, NHRC Zonal offices, community members of key and vulnerable populations, COLaHR and other civil society organizations and the media. In view of this, NACA with the support of Global Fund is reviewing the TOR and SOP for the Gender Human Rights (GHR) – State Response Team (SRT). Thus, the need for the services of a consultant. The consultant will support in the review and drafting of report. 

Tasks for the consultant

Under the technical guidance and overall supervision of the Community Prevention and Care
Support Department, the consultants will facilitate:

  • Sharing of existing GHR-SRT TOR with key stakeholders
  • Collation of comments and recommendations.
  • Drafting of the revised TOR and SOP for the State Response team
  • Facilitation during a 1day virtual orientation session


Expected Deliverable

  • A revised TOR and SOP for the State Response team in the 13 Global Fund States.

Experience/Qualification of the Consultant

The requisite qualifications of the Consultant shall include the following:

  • Ph. D, MBBS or Master’s Degree in public health, social sciences or other relevant fields with specialization in gender, human rights or sexual and reproductive health
  • At least 5 years’ experience in HIV and gender and human rights (GHR).
  • Must be familiar with health and non-health sector HIV/AIDS, TB and/or Malaria.
  • Demonstrate good understanding of the HIV/AIDS, Gender and Human Rights programming in Nigeria.
  • Should have undertaken at least one (1) GHR related assignment in the last two years with letter of engagement as evidence.
  • Ability to communicate ideas in a manner conducive to their practical application and comfortable working as part of a team to add value to collective results

Duration of consultancy

The consultancy shall work over a period of 10 days to deliver the entire process.


The consultants will be paid based on the approved Global Fund budget for all the
activities on a basis on a verified report.


The detailed Proposal must be in English Language and submitted in three (3) hard copies each (one original & two copies) of the requested documents and proposal. The documents shall then be enclosed and sealed in one (1) single outer envelope, and clearly marked at the topmost right corner the services of a consultant to review/revise tors and sop for gender human rights (GHR) – state response team (SRT)

a.     To be inclusive of internal/external roles” and the Name, Address, Email and Phone Number of the Consultant boldly written at the back of the envelope, with acknowledgement to NACA office at the address below.

b.    Deadline for Submission: The deadline for the submission of proposal should not be later than 12 noon of Monday 11th October, 2022, these Includes two days of making enquiries, The submission received will be opened immediately after closing at NACA Conference Room in the presence of consultants that choose to attend.



Head Procurement

National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) 

Ground Floor Room 1.08

No. 3 Zinguinchor Street, Beside
AEDC Office, Wuse zone 4, Abuja


Email: [email protected]



You shall get acquainted with the global fund code of conduct for suppliers using
this link below: 

Accepting this invitation shall serve as an acknowledgement and agreement to abide by the Global Fund Code of Conduct for Suppliers.


i.  Late submissions will not be accepted.

ii. NACA shall verify any or all documents and claims made by applicants and will disqualify   consultants with falsified documents and claims.

iii. If it is determined that submitted documents and claims have been falsified, the consultant may face prosecution in a court of Law.

ii.  NACA shall not be held responsible for any disqualified proposal as a result of any
omission or deletion relating to the submission guidelines.

iii. This advertisement shall not be construe a contract to any Consultant, nor shall it entitle any Consultant submitting documents to claim any indemnity from NACA.

iv. NACA is not bound to shortlist any Consultant, and reserves the right to annul the bidding process at any time without incurring any liabilities or providing reason.



B. Format of Curriculum Vitae (CV)


Complete address : 


Date of Birth : 

Years of professional experience :


Membership in Professional Societies : 

Detailed Tasks Assigned :  

Key Qualifications :

[Give an outline of your experience and training most pertinent to tasks on assignment.  Describe degree of responsibility you held on relevant previous assignments and give dates and locations.  One page should be sufficient.]


[Summarize college/university and other specialized education, giving names of schools,
dates attended, and degrees obtained.   A page or less should be sufficient.

Employment Record :

[Starting with present position, list in reverse order every employment held.  List all positions held since graduation, giving dates, names of employing organizations, titles of positions held, and locations of assignments.  For experience in last ten years, also give types of activities performed and client references, where appropriate.  Use about two pages.]


[For each language indicate proficiency: excellent, good, fair, or poor in speaking, reading, and writing.]


I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, these data correctly describe me, my qualifications, and my experience.


[Signature of consultant ]                             Date                          

Full Name of Candidate :                             Day/Month/Year


C. Proposal




To : [Name and address of Procuring Entity]


I, the undersigned, offer to provide the consulting services for [Title of consulting services] in accordance with your Letter of Invitation dated [Date]. 

My fees are [net of taxes, estimated at…, as applicable]

I hereby submit my Proposal, which includes this Technical and Financial Proposal.

I understand that you are not bound to accept any Proposal you receive.

I remain,

Yours Truly,


Name of the Consultant :

Address :


D.      observations and suggestions of the candidate consultant on the terms of reference







List of Annexes


        Annex A : Cost Estimate of Services, and Schedule of Rates.

        Annex B : Consultants Reporting Requirements.

        Annex C : Evaluation Criteria.


Annex A

Cost Estimate of Services


(1) Remuneration

Rate /day in (currency)                Number of Days             Total (currency)             

(2) Reimbursables                                                          Rate                                 Units/Days                        Total

 (a) (International)

 (Local) Travel  + Taxi                        

 (b) Local Transportation                       

 (c) Communications                              

 (d) Hotel Accomodation           

                                                                                                                            Sub-total (2)

 TOTAL COST                                            

to modify accordingly)

Activity (Work)                                                periods

1st  2nd  3rd   4th    5th    6th    7th    8th    9th    10th  11th   12th      


Annex B

Consultants Reporting Requirements


Reports                                               Date

1. Inception Report                                        

2. Progress Reports

3. Draft Final Report                                      

4. Final Report                                               


Annex C


The Criteria, sub-criteria, and point system for the evaluation of the Technical Proposals are:



(i)    Specific experience of the Consultant relevant to the assignment:     60

1)   Adequacy for the assignment                    50

2)    Experience in customization               1

(ii)   Key professional qualifications and competence for the assignment: 40

1)   General qualifications                         40

      Total points for criterion (I & ii):          100 

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