Global Fund RSSH Driver


Job details
Job title: Driver Supervisor:  Admin Officer
Duration of contract: 12 months Location: Abuja
Number of openings: 3  
Job summary
The Driver position is responsible for providing transport support services to all project staff. This includes driving project vehicles while supporting commuting for project. Drivers are also responsible for the care and maintenance of the project vehicles.   
Key responsibilities
1.      Drive project staff to activities and meeting within and outside of Abuja.

2.      Maintain accurate and up to date records relating to individual vehicle use.

3.      Ensure all aspects of vehicle policy are being followed and enforced during your assignments.

4.      Inspect vehicle prior to travel to assure all fluids, tires, wipers, belts etc are in good working order.

5.      Signal any sign of need for maintenance or other problem with the vehicle to the transport and logistic associate.

6.      Keep vehicle health log updated.

7.      Assure the security of the vehicle when outside of the office.

8.      Assure the safety of all passengers.

9.      Submit all expense reports in a timely manner to accounting, properly completed.

1.      Secondary school certificate a plus

2.      Minimum 3 years of driving experience

3.      Valid Nigerian Driver’s license

4.      Ability to speak and write in English

5.      Good knowledge of standard driving practices

6.      Good driving record.

7.      Sound judgment, non-aggressive driving style and good communication skills.

8.      Ability to travel if required

9.      Ability to organize and complete manual and routine tasks as assigned