Every year, adolescent and young people in Nigeria all over the world join government, health officials and people working on HIV to remember people infected with or affected by HIV on the World AIDS DAY (WAD), December 1. This is to raise awareness on HIV and issues about it.The theme for the 2019 WAD is ‘Communities make the difference’. One of the communities is adolescents and young people

 A third of Nigeria’s population are adolescents and young people, ages 10-24years. This means adolescents and young people have an important role to play in the National HIV response. Currently, a majority of adolescents and young people in Nigeria have limited access to HIV testing services (HTS). Limited access to HTS means that adolescents and young people who are HIV positive are not identified on time, so there are delays in starting them on lifesaving antiretroviral drugs. One of the reasons for this is that adolescents under 18, cannot carry out HIV testing without the permission of their parents.

 The National Agency for the Control of AIDS with her partners would like adolescents and young people to participate in an oral presentation as part of the 2019 WAD commemoration by discussing this issue.

 The oral competition is open to participants aged 14-18 years and would take place in three stages.

 Stage 1 – An essay, in not more than five hundred words (500), written on the topic “At what age do you think a young person should be allowed to test for HIV without needing the permission of the parents or guardian”? Your essay should have an introduction, the body (the main points) and a conclusion (recommendation).  Submission date: 28th October – 11th November 2019.

The best twenty essays will be selected for the second stage.

 Stage 2 – The writers of the best twenty essays from all entries will then be asked to upload a 90 seconds video presentation of their essay. These video presentations will be uploaded for voting on the NACA website subject to parent/gaurdian’s permission. Voting will occur across the country to select the best five presentations. Submission date: 18th November -20th November 2019.

Online voting will take place from 21st -25th November 2019

 Stage 3 – The top five presentations will be selected for an oral presentation in Abuja where the top three will be selected and given monetary awards. The winner will get a check of 150,000, the second-place participant will receive a check of N100,000 and third place participant will receive a check of N75,000. Grand finale/prize presentation event: 29th November 2019.

 Adolescents and Young People Make the Difference

...fighting AIDS to finish.